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Dan Grachen “Bird Dogs at Their Best”


2014 Video submission to the RGS Video Contest…..

A Great example of Bird Dogs working the Grouse Coverts for both Grouse and Woodcock.    I have watched this video time and time again and appreciate what Dan has put together.   Their Bird Dogs worked close and the Slow motion segment towards the end where they close up on the Dog and the Woodcock is incredible….hope you enjoyed!

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6 Responses to Dan Grachen “Bird Dogs at Their Best”

  1. Uplandish says:

    Those first person POV grouse hunting videos are the only way to go. Even if that first shot seemed way too close to the other shooter for comfort. Maybe it was the camera angle, but if someone fired a shot that close to my bow we would have words!

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks for checking out my video guys! Grousefather, awesome website! Love to grouse and woodcock hunt and this site is all about it! Uplandish it was the camera angle. The video doesn’t do it justice but my hunting partner was pretty much directly to my left and we shot at the bird going straight away from us. Working on another video now, can’t wait t get your guys take on it!

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