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Eddie Bauer Adventurer® Tech Upland Hunting Vest Review

“Eddie Bauer Adult Adventurer® Technical Upland Hunting Vest Description on Amazon”

Built by our guide team to their exacting standards, this hunting vest is all about comfort and performance in the field. Rugged 500-denier CORDURA® ripstop fabric is reinforced with ballistic nylon. Supportive, air-mesh hip belt secures the weight of the fully loaded vest on your hips for all-day comfort. Unique shoulder strap adjustment system lets you adjust each strap independently from inside the front pockets. Those pockets have ample room for shells, dog transmitter, and other necessities. Built-in hydration system is located behind the fully adjustable game bag.”
My Review
As an Upland Hunter, I have spent most of my hunting career going through a set of chaps, vests, hats, boots etc… every couple of years or so.   Now, I bet there are many of you who may have garments that are 20 years old maybe, or something that you have had since you were a kid.   Many of those articles of upland hunting Vests may have been built right…or…you do not hunt as often as others.   I hunt the North East Hardwoods which are thick with Briers, thorn bushes, Tangles which can take a toll on any garment.
I have always been a firm believer in Filson and swear by Filson Chaps without fail.   Vest systems have progressed over the last 15 years to more accommodation design built for comfort and maneuverability.   The choices were limited as per design which is tailored for the average Grouse hunter.    Wing Works makes an excellent vest which is unparalleled and has a great custom feel to how it fits.   There are a few others that were in contention for a purchase but, it was the Eddie Bauer that struck me as interesting.
Cordura Rip Stop Fabric…..it even sounds tough!  Compared to Wax Cotton which I am not a huge fan of, this

The Eddie Bauer Unisex Adult Adventurer Technical Upland Hunting Vest

material is durable in design and has the make up to last in theory.   Mind you, I received this Upland Hunting Vest during the Christmas Holiday Season, and have not used it in the Cover yet.   The Vest has rigid back plate which is light and meant to stabilize the weight distribution  I am certain.   Also see this feature as something to make my back sweat in the early days of October.  The Shoulder straps are not Perforated as I would have like them to be for the same reasons….SWEAT.  There are plenty of Shell storage pockets and a great size Game pouch in the rear.  Extended Openings reaching the front forward sides of the Vest allows for quick access of the game pouch.

“Hang Up Factor”…. The shoulders have adjustment straps which allow you to size the vest properly for even distribution of weight and comfort.  Unfortunately, the same exposed straps will attract every over hanging twig and limb you walk close enough to.    Another protruding feature is the Hydration System.   I am all for Hydration systems, but if you are a Grouse hunter…you know that the tube will catch as you walk through thickets.
“Size Matters”… I am a fairly Large guy who likes to have a little room to move.  The Upland Hunting Vest tends to be on the small side although I ordered an L/XL.   I extended the shoulder straps and it reaches my waist but no lower as I would like.    The Mid section belts were extended  and manage to be the right waist size, but the Shell Pockets are sitting back to accommodate my abdomen.   I know, do more sit ups and crunches!  My other vests were built to provide more comfort to larger framed males I guess.
I bought this vest for the price of $169.00, which would put it in the Medium price range of the more expensive $200+ range Upland Hunting Vests, and the Lower mark of $110 which I found at Orvis.
All in all i feel the workmanship of this Vest is spot on and am looking forward to trying it out this coming fall.   In the mean time, I will have to shave a few pounds to be able to fully maximize its comfort.  Not such a bad deal!
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2 Responses to Eddie Bauer Adventurer® Tech Upland Hunting Vest Review

  1. Quality name behind it and very reasonably priced. I would like to see it compared to the Tenzing vest.
    For me, I wish I could get more excited for these vests but I wouldn’t trade my late season pheasant chasing in the Nov/Dec North Dakota cattail sloughs when hunting is at its best.
    Then I dress in a parka and if need be an under armour face mask and the North face apex gloves. I rarely hunt pheasant when it’s still warm enough to wear a vest. It is ideal Temps then however a lot of the crops are still standing and not worth over heating the dogs chasing one or two birds that are dumb.
    Good review tho! I do need to get in and see one up close. I think that Tenzing run close to $200 range. It is fantastic material for all cover and balanced. I have had one on a couple different times but can’t pull the trigger to buy it knowing it wouldn’t get used.

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